OFYR- the art of outdoor cooking

The OFYR is a brand new way of cooking outdoors. Whether you are frying eggs, slow cooking vegetables or simply grilling a tender steak the OFYR opens up a new world of new possibilities for healthy, outdoor cooking. The show stopping design was created to bring beauty, warmth, food and friendship into your outdoor space.

Watch the OFYR in action with this Video.

The classic OFYR lines work well in any setting from your smaller/simpler garden to your grand country lawn. Looking just as impressive taking centre stage in Hotels, Pubs and fine dining Restaurants. You will agree its more practical and stylish than your typical Barbecue. When its time to entertain alfresco the OFYR is an elegant outdoor sculpture transforming your outdoor space into a warm, welcoming hub for socialising and cooking.

Just like a traditional camp fire, the OFYR brings people together. The wood fire creates a cosy, inviting, circle of warmth in up to 4m in diameter, making outdoor entertaining possible even in winter. The OFYR’s circular design gives OFYR in Winter- Snowfamily and friends the chance to take part and join in with the cooking process. This allows them to prepare their own food if they so desire creating a more relaxed and informal atmosphere.

The OFYR is easy to cook and clean. Unlike many other outdoor cookers the OFYR requires very little cleaning and is virtually maintenance free!! Fat and excess oil go straight into the fire thanks to the ever-so-slightly sloped cooking surface. A quick wipe down with a damp cloth and the OFYR is ready for your next occasion. When the OFYR is not in use the stunning sculpture can be left outside in all weather (no cover required). In time the steel develops a natural patina allowing it to blend in with the nature of your garden.

Although the OFYR is heavy it can be easily taken apart with its three-way modular system. This splits the OFYR into three sections, the Cooking Surface, Cone and the Base. This therefore makes relocating and transporting the OFYR easy.

2 thoughts on “OFYR- the art of outdoor cooking

  1. Boes says:

    Really interested by this kind of barbecue. Can you send me please some documentary about it.
    Is it possible to buy this in Belgium and where?

  2. Ed Murphy says:

    Really sorry but we only supply to the UK market. The OFYR is actually handcrafted in Holland and we bring them into Scotland. There is many videos and photos online however I am unawear of anybody selling them in Belgium, I am sure if you have a look online you will find somebody in your area.

    Regards Ed
    Auldton Stoves.

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