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Stoves – Happy customers and good old fashioned values!

Auldton Stoves Ltd are a family run specialist stove supplier with over 25 years’ experience in the stove industry. Our knowledge and industry experience enables us to provide the right selection of Buy Carisoprodol Online and Buy Soma Cheap Cainida No Rx Needed to suit every customer.

In the early 80’s Naomi worked with her parents in the Lake District selling and installing wood burning stoves. Days she remembers fondly!  You can now find a number of her family dotted around the country all involved in the stove industry in one way or the other.

All this experience led Naomi to open her own showroom in 1992 at her family home in Dunlop, Ayrshire which is only 20 minutes from Glasgow and Ayr, ideally located in the heart of South West Scotland. Business grew rapidly and soon her husband Mark started on a full-time basis.

We are a truly family run business, that thrives on happy customers and good old fashioned values.

Come and say hello!

When you come and visit us at Auldton Stoves you will agree we are one of the most well stocked showrooms in the area with many stoves under fire to give you a warm welcome. We pride ourselves in offering free sound advice in both the selection of your stove and its installation. We also offer, from Buy Soma London Online, a large selection of wood fuels – All dried and ready to burn.

The best quality stoves, cookers & BBQs

  • Clearview Stoves
  • Contura Stoves
  • Dean Forge Stoves
  • Hwam Stoves
  • Jotul Stoves
  • Scan Stoves
  • Wiking Stoves
  • Woodwarm Stoves
  • Everhot Cookers
  • Big Green Egg BBQs

HETAS certified professionals

Our showroom staff are knowledgeable and Soma Generic 350Mg who have undergone Soma 350 Mg Vs Flexeril 10Mg to provide you with the information you require to purchase your stove with confidence.

We have installed thousands of stoves throughout Scotland – Our aim is to offer you the best service possible.