Kamado Joe- News

Mark and Ed had a great time recently down south with Kamado Joe. It was a great opportunity to see the Kamado Joe Chefs in action and to meet the rest of the KJ Team. The day was packed full of laughter, conversation, music and good food. It gave the two boys the chance to get some new ideas and cooking tips on the Kamado Joe, which they are excited to share.

Kamado Joe also talked about their plans for 2020 and we are really looking forward to the summer ahead. Seeing the grills in a relaxed working environment really has excited us for our upcoming Summer Showroom. We cant wait to open the new area and start holding regular cooking events both daytime and evening. There is only one way to showcase the Kamado Joe Grills properly… getting together to enjoy the atmosphere and good food that Kamado Joe brings to your outdoor space.

We will keep you updated with our new showroom space and upcoming events.

Thank you Kamado Joe for your hospitality! 

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