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Clearview Installation

Always a Joy to receive such fantastic feedback. At Auldton Stoves we make sure our Customers feel supported and looked after from start to finish. Customer service is the heart of our company and has been for over 25 years. Building relationships with our customers allows us to guide you to make the right decisions for you and your room. Every Customer is different and we make sure every Customer is Happy. Here is some great feedback and pictures from a recent installation.


‘Hi Naomi & Mark,

I hope you are both well.

We just want to say thank you very much for supplying and fitting the Clearview Pioneer 400 multi-fuel stove and flue.

I thought I would send you an image, now that we have finally decorated the living room… (I have also included an image of how it was before, with the former owner’s furniture / white marble fireplace when the cottage was up for sale at the time).

Our burst water main was fixed a fortnight ago, and so we are finally getting to decorate this cottage that we just moved into at the end of September 2018.

The stove has been an absolute boost to our comfort, considering the baltic conditions that we were suffering with the water under the floorboards and the fact that we still have an oil boiler out of action (needing replaced).

Thank you once again for giving us a quicker installation slot. It has really made a huge difference to our comfort in the house. – We are finally warm and cosy!! :-)))

Thank you too Naomi, for your kindness, warming approachability and for being so diligent to remember the extras that we added when we randomly popped into your store one day (companion set, straw basket and lovely oak beam). Also, the bricks that we chose have really turned out the ideal colour that we had wanted.

Mark, thank you so much for accurately and competently assessing the feasibility for us to have the stove installed in the old fireplace area, and for your going the extra mile to construct all the different quotes based on the scenario that Gregor might potentially uncover when he arrived. – I sensed / felt that I could almost read your thoughts and thoroughness when you visited and so I knew you would do a good job!!

– Just so you know, we had another company out here prior to us approaching yourselves. (We weren’t aware of yourselves at the time). They told us they couldn’t fit the stove, because according to them, concerningly, we apparently had a severed chimney in the loft with nothing to hold up the top part of the chimney outside on the roof. – What a big mistake to make. – Their loss!!…

With respect to Gregor, he is a real perfectionist, as he seemed to measure everything very accurately, plus he did a great deal of work to get our chimney cleared, from what he advised. – What a super team you all are!! :-))) – I think he said he took away either 6 or 9 bags of bricks (possibly more) that seemed to have been thrown down the chimney by the previous property owners. – Pretty shocking!! – Please see Gregor’s perfectly fitted craftmanship in the image below. – May be my keeping him going with regular tea helped!

Gregor had asked us to call him once we have decorated so that he can glue the black surround frame, mortar the limestone joint and coat it too, and so we will be contacting him shortly.

Thank you once again for the lovely goods. – We have recommended you to more than a few.

Much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Maisie and Fiona.’

Before vs After


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