Eco Freindly- Coffee Logs

Auldton Stoves are very excited to be now offering Customers our new Eco-freindly fire logs, made from recycled coffee grounds. This new compact fire log is ideal for wood burners and multi-fuel stoves, Coffee Logs are sustainably made from recycled coffee.

Auldton Stoves has been focusing hard on many areas in order to lower our carbon footprint. We have a mission that is to be as green as possible. The first step of becoming more ‘Earth friendly’ is for us to ‘strip it back’ and look at our product ranges. If we are buying more Earth Friendly products then that means our customers will be too! This is all good news for Auldton Stoves, our Customers and the Environment.

Coffee Logs are ideal for stoves, but can be used in open fires too. They burn best when undisturbed and can be used instead of or alongside wood and other fuels. Coffee Logs burn upto 20% Hotter than Kiln Dried Wood, Burning hotter and longer due to their higher calorific value and low moisture content.

Each coffee log contains grounds from 25 cups of coffee, that’s 400 cups in each bag!

Each bag contains 16 logs and weighs approximately 8kg. The fully recyclable packaging features a convenient handle to make it easily portable, perfect to store in a garage or any other dry storage.

The UK alone drinks 95 million cups of coffee every day, fuelling not only the daily grind but also a growing amount of unnecessary waste.  This Results in around half a million tonnes of wet coffee grounds typically headed for landfill, where they emit harmful greenhouse gases, including methane. By recycling the nation’s cappuccinos into Coffee briquettes, we reduce emissions by 80% compared to those grounds sitting in landfill, making these efficient Logs a sustainable alternative for fuelling your fire without heating the planet.

Auldton Stoves are delighted to say that the Coffee Logs have come into stock and they are now available from the showroom. Call: 01560 480002 for more information and Delivery


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