RB73- QUARUBA XXL with Mobile Wheel Base

£1,950.00 inc VAT

The Quaruba XXL is the largest of the bunch, and its a real eye catcher on a terrace or in any garden with its height of 105cm. The large surface allows you to have great views of the fire box. Its a stylish designed wood stove with displays a modern but industrial look. This cube-shaped stove has been assembled with 4 Glass sides and added Mobile Wheel Base.

The Door closure is cleared between the door panel and the right leg, this is perfectly air tight without the use of any seals. The stove also has air wash systems on each window in which you decide to get, meaning that the glass is always perfectly clean for views of the flames. Stunning in design and functionality.


6x Kiln Dried Birch Hardwood
4x Natural Firelighters
2x Premium Kindling
1x Blazaball Fire lighting Cage
1x Eko Mania – Eco Paper Log Maker
1x Forta Fix Stove Glass Cleaner
1x Pair of RB73 Stove Gloves


1 in stock (can be backordered)

2x bags of Kiln Dried Logs
1x Blazaball Fire Cage
1x Firelighters

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