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Behind the classic good looks you’ll find modern, energy efficient heat storage range which is perfect for great cooking whilst gently warming your kitchen. It’s so versatile and welcoming you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one!
The Everhot is designed to remain switched on, and upto temperature 24 hours a day, providing controllable cooking capacity and background warmth to suit the time of year. Even the hardiest souls find themselves being drawn towards its gentle warmth.
Despite its additional control, it remains at heart a traditional range, radiating gentle heat through the kitchen, with ovens that bake, roast and cook to perfection. The full width grill in the top of the oven is another great feature you won’t find in many other comparable ranges.

From the day Everhot cookers started producing electric cookers and long before it was considered that the conservation of energy has been a guiding principle, and it remains just as essential today.
Electricity is the perfect choice since it has enabled Everhot to develop exceptionally efficient ranges that can be powered by both the national grid or by small scale solar, wind or hydro installations.
The unique ‘trickle feed’ design allows Everhot cookers to run from either one or two 13 amp plugs, minimising electrical load and easing installation.
All models are available in traditional and contemporary enamel finishes. Such as Black, Graphite, White, Cream, Sage, Green, Blue, Burgundy, Teal and Aubergine.

1. The Cooks choice – refined yet so versatile.
2. It suits your lifestyle – 6 widths and 10 colours, we are confident we have the model for you.
3. Year round comfort and control – turn up or down in winter and summer to suit your comfort.
4. Energy saving – the most efficient heat storage ranges available.
5. Zero servicing costs – with little care and affection your Everhot will run trouble free year after year.
6. Easy to install – no concrete base, external vents or chimney, just a 13amp socket or two (depending on the model) and our installation team will install and commission your Everhot for you.
7. Engineering perfection – beautifully engineered by Craftsmen in the UK.

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