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Recently Woodwarm have realised their new ECO Range. These new additions to our Showroom and the Woodwarm family produce ULTRA LOW EMISSIONS EXCEEDING THE ECODESIGN READY 2022 STANDARD. With recent Climate issue’s the government have introduced a new 2022 Clean Air Act which means that all stove manufactures by 2022 must reduce their stove emissions, making wood and multifuel stoves cleaner and more efficient. This is great for us and our Environment.

The effects of climate change are already upon us meaning that many manufactures are making these changes if their stoves don’t already meet the new upcoming regulations that come into place in 2022. Woodwarm’s new ECO Range are showing CO Emission readings of 0.04% when burning ‘Ready To Burn’ Wood (Woodsure approved) and 0.05% when burning Ancit/Coal which is extremally clean, 2022 ECO pass for CO emissions are 0.12%. When burning ‘Ready To Burn’ Wood the stoves are realising 18 Nmg/m3 of Particulate Matter and 11 Nmg/m3 with Ancit/Coal, again exceeding the new 2022 regulations that is less than 40 Nmg/m3.

Already we experience warmer, wetter winters, and hotter, drier summers, creating higher temperatures in our Urban and Rural areas. Climate change has caused an increase in pests and harmful diseases, which had never previously been a factor in the UK. This has shown a large impact and an unprecedented threat to some tree species in the UK, including ash, horse chestnut and oak.

trees for citys

Woodwarm Stoves and Trees for Cities are working in partnership towards creating a Greener Healthier UK. Trees for Cities are a UK Charity that helps bring local communities together to work on practical greening and educational projects in urban and rural areas. They have already planted over a million tress with the help of over 4,000 volunteers across the UK. During their work this year they have helped over 11,000 School children learn about trees and how important they are to us and our future.



Wood Fuel is Carbon Natural… Yes despite all the bad press! Trees absorb as much carbon in their growth period as they do release when they are burnt. This is why wood fuel is definitely the fuel for the future. To Further enhance Woodwarms new ECO ULTRA LOW EMISSION ECODESIGN READY RANGE they have committed to PLANTING A TREE FOR EVERY STOVE SOLD.

Auldton Stoves, Woodwarm Stoves and Trees for Cities are passionate and committed to ensuring a cleaner greener air throughout of the UK. We are doing our bit for today and for our future generations well ahead of the new 2022 Clean Air Act. Auldton Stoves have always advised our Customers to burn dried wood at least below 20% moister. All of our Fuel is Woodsure Approved and ‘Ready To Burn’ make sure you look for a Ready To burn Approved dealer.

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