Everhot – Running Costs & Efficiency

Auldton Stoves is a proud Premier Everhot Dealer with all models on display and every colour available to view with coloured finished enamelled cooker doors. We encourage our customers to visit the new showroom and have a chat with our knowledgeable staff to discuss your plans and cooker options moving forward. We love discussing everything with our clients and are happy to answer any of their questions when comparing with other well known brands in the Range Cooker Market.

Weather your replacing an old range cooker, designing your new dream kitchen, or planning your new build house, our staff are here and happy to provide our expert advice to guide you.

Electric range cookers are easier to install and tend to be more efficient and reliable than oil or gas fired ranges. For many years Everhot has been at the forefront of innovation and design for electric range ovens, a fully British company leading the way in the industry.


The genius of an Everhot’s design is that it uses a trickle feed of electricity and its peak demand is a fraction of other electric range cookers on the market. Everhot cookers were designed from the ground up to work with renewables and simply run off a standard 13amp plug with no need for an annual service. All Everhot Cookers are handmade in their own carbon negative factory in Gloucestershire.

The true test of a heat storage cookers efficiency is the cost to run it when it is left on 24 hours a day with the ovens and cast iron plates turned on. It is important when comparing different manufacturers to ask what the running costs will be when left in this mode. Many Range cooker customers jump into decisions with other larger brands before taking in consideration of their running costs. This is were Everhot Cookers win every time! Not only do they look fantastic but will cost a fraction to run with no maintenance or yearly service required.

Summary of Running Costs

The table shows weekly running costs of each model when left on at cooking temperatures and using the ECO mode overnight.

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