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I have the pleasure in advising you all that Auldton Stoves application to join Ready to Burn has been finally approved by Woodsure. After many months of paperwork, showroom audits and lab testing we are delighted to announce that all of our Firewood and Briquettes are certified by Woodsure under their new ‘Ready To Burn Scheme’.

The Woodsure scheme continues to grow and the website saw record visitors during January 2019 following the announcement of the Government’s Clean Air Strategy. With wood fuel quality being of great importance Woodsure certifies that wood fuel conforms to a certain standard. The correct size, correct moisture content and that the supplier understands how to ensure fuel is delivered to you without compromising this standard.

The recently announced Clean Air Strategy 2019 shows that the strategy confirms the Government “will legislate to prohibit the sale of the most polluting fuels.”. Auldton Stoves are in full support of the new Clean Air Strategy with the majority of our Stoves already meeting the 2022 eco-design standards and with the launch of the ‘Ready To Burn Scheme’ we just had to take part.

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Woodsure continues to work with both suppliers and retailers to ensure continued quality control and standards are met.

Wood sold in the UK is often wet and above 20% moisture – this means they cannot be burnt without further seasoning. Look out for firewood and briquettes clearly labelled as “Ready to Burn” by a Woodsure Certified Supplier such as us. This will help you to distinguish wood that is “Ready to Burn” from wet wood. We have been tested to prove our fuel is of a moisture content less than 20%, this is the best fuel you can buy for our planet and for your stove.

Mark Murphy said “Your stove is only as good as the Fuel you burn in it. No matter how good any stove is, burning wet wood will dirty up the glass and produce high emissions. Buying ‘ReadyToBurn’ fuel burns longer and produces more heat to your room than wet unseasoned logs. Auldton Stoves are very much at the forefront of environmental concerns, in fact we have been supplying kiln dried logs since 2006 and are delighted that Woodsure have launched this scheme. This allows our customers to be assured that we are continuing to supply the highest quality products that they would expect from Auldton Stoves”.

If your buying firewood make sure its Woodsure approved by looking out for the ‘Ready To Burn’ Logo or find your local ‘Ready To Burn’ Dealer on the Woodsure Website.

Any more Information on the Ready To Burn Scheme Visit the Woodsure Website or Contact Auldton Stoves.



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