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The Quaruba is available in 3 different sizes: Large, XL and XXL. Model L is the Smallest version. Although its the smallest of the bunch this outdoor wood burner still hits the mark in terms of looks and technology and would look great in any outdoor setting. The large windows allow you to view the flames in any position, the windows are kept clear and clean during every burn thanks to its advanced air-wash-system. Its a stylish designed wood stove with a modern but industrial look. This cube-shape has a unique modular construction and is assembled as desired with 1 (door) to 4 Glass panels. This therefore allows you to customize how many sides of glass you require. 4 sides is perfect to create the camp fire atmosphere while the 2 sides is ideal for the corner of your terrace.

The door is perfectly air tight without the use of any seals. The version with the 4 wheel flooring is easy moveable for wheeling around gardens or decking. In addition, the platform can also be used as storage for the first stock of firewood. This really


Side Glass

As standard the Quaruba L comes with a Glass Door on one side.

Base Options

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