Now Stocking Town & Country Fires

We are delighted to announce that we are now stocking Town & Country Fires. Proudly British Made and Manufactured. 


Town & Country Fires was founded back in 1977 by Alan and Ruth Thurlow as a way to diversify from generations on farming. The premise was an old cow shed on the farm in a valley called Great Fryup Dale in the heart of the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors. As the business grew their existing cow shed became to small and so they have since moved to Pickering. The Business has grown throughout the years and now employees over 20 staff all of which are local men and woman. Alan and Ruth’s Children are also heavily involved in the business with Nina as Quality Control and Accounts Manager and Philip running the Factory and Developing new Stoves.

All of Town & Country Fires are built in their small family factory in Pickering. The factory boasts four robotic welders, a state of the art laser cutter and a 85 ton Press Brake which all require highly trained and experienced staff. The process of making their stoves start with the best quality British Steel available which is laser cut and then bent into shape. Each stove goes through many stages before being checked and packaged. Town & Country Fires are always designing new and innovative prototypes with only the very best making it into production. Customers really can be assured that their stove from Town & Country Fires is one of the best build units available on the market… Plus it is always nice to buy British!

Quality Products


All of Town & Country Fires have been designed and developed with two things in mind, Quality and Functionality. All of the stoves have an air wash system to the glass which works extremely well. They also come with tertiary air at the rear of the fire box. This has

been developed to burn off the gasses that do not normally ignite, this in turn gives their stoves a very clean burn and causes less pollution to the atmosphere. A rare company in the Industry as they are one of very few manufactures left that still produce and manufacture the full stove from start to finish. After the British Steel is laser cut and bent using an C.N.C. press the stoves are finished by hand including shot blasting, paint finishing, air controls and trims.

Eco Design Ready Stoves

Auldton Stoves are delighted to have a range of Town & Country Fires on Display in the showroom as they have been designed, built and tested to the new Eco-Design 2022 Legislation. Currently the UK Co/Co2 standard is 1% and in Europe it is 0.35%. From January 2022 it will be reduced for both the UK and Europe to a new 0.12%. Town & Country Fires have stoves significantly below the emissions required for 2022, ranging between 50% to 73% below the 2022 requirements. This is a great achievement from all of the team and at Auldton Stoves we are proud to offer a new attractive and environmentally friendly British Stove to our range.

Burning Wood is a Carbon Neutral fuel source. Despite the recent press if you burn correct fuel in an Eco-Design 2022 Reg Appliance you are fine. When trees grow they absorb carbon dioxide and generate oxygen. When wood below 20% moisture is burnt in a new Eco-Design 2022 Stove it will release the same amount of carbon dioxide as it absorbed to origanlly grow. This therefore is a clean and eco friendly way to source heat.

Free 10 Year Guanrantee 

Town & Country Fires recommend that Stoves are only purchased and Installed with a local HETAS Approved Stockist and Fitter. Their stoves come as standard with a 12 mounth Guarantee. If it is purchased and installed through a Qualified HETAS Reatiler and Installer Team like Auldton Stoves your Stove can be upgraded to a 10 Year Guarantee with one simple form.

We have taken our time looking for a new British Stove Manufacture and we have been testing and trying many on offer. We are delighted to give our customers the option of Town and Country Fires as they are a true family business like ourselves, offering some of the worlds best made stoves using only British materials. Pop into the showroom and take a look at our new Town & Country Display!

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