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Yes, that’s correct Kamado Joe are launching a new product into their range. Something not ceramic! The Kamado Joe – Kettle Joe is a new state of the art Kettle Style BBQ, however in true Kamado Joe Style its not just a Kettle Grill. This new innovative product offers fantastic cooking capabilities meaning that once again Kamado Joe are bringing forward new ideas and features to the BBQ Industry.


Ceramic Grilling has always been at the heart of Kamado Joe. For years they have focused on making the Kamado Joe Grills exciting and user friendly for all of their customers. Making KJ grills the best on the market has all been the aim, introducing new technology and cooking accessories to put Kamado Joe ahead of everybody else. The year of 2021 is going to be no different!

With two brand new grills becoming available in the new year people are already going crazy to find out what’s new. They are also bringing out new accessories for current grills so… are you ready? We are! We will be doing further blogs to keep everybody upto speed!

The NEW 2021 Kamado Joe – Kettle Joe is coming out to whip out and stamp all over other Kettle Grills on the market. For years the kettle grill market has been dominated by one well known brand. This might all be about to change! This new Kettle Style Grill does not only look awesome but delivers with new cooking technology.


The New Kettle Joe Grill has the same Kamado Joe Benefits, Improved Heat Retention, Fuel Efficiency and Smoking Ability.
The grill has the same versatility as the rest of the range, featuring a brand new SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber for low-and-slow cooking. This makes cooking at low temperature easier than ever, controlling heat and smoke to get perfect results with ease, every time. Kamado Joe have designed the Kettle so that you are able to use the Wifi iKamand accessory. This further allows you to both control the temp of the grill and monitor your foods internal temperature without disturbing the smoke and heat when lifting the dome.

The Kettle has many features making it stand out among an already busy market. Its striking colour is the first thing you notice, the true Kamado Joe Red! It is also very similar in look to its relatives Kamado Joe Classic III and Kamado Joe Big Joe III. The Wheel Base of the kettle looks very ‘KJ’ like in style which we think is pretty awesome if you already have a KJ Family in the back garden. Once you open your Kettle Joe you will find an adapted Ceramic Firebox, Stainless Steel BBQ Gates, SlowRoller and the famous slide out ash draw for easy cleaning. The grill is also fitted with Metal Side-Shelves, Four-Legged Cart and a new Top Vent Kontrol Tower.


The Lid/Dome of the Kamado Joe Kettle Grill is on a slide up and down system which gives space for the SlowRoller when smoking low-and-slow. The Hinge easily slides down for normal BBQ Grilling in a traditional Kettle Style.

Very Smart… ‘Innovative Design is the game and Kamado Joe is the name!’

At Auldton Stoves we are delighted to have been in the position to pre-order some of the first Kamado Joe Kettle Joes arriving in the UK. We have now decided to put up the option to get your order in. By Reserving your Kettle for £100.00 you can be assured that you will be one of the first people in the UK to receive a Kamado Joe Kettle Joe!

If you have any further questions regarding these fantastic KJ Kettles please don’t hesitate to get in contact with out expert Kamado Joe Team. We are on hand and happy to help.

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