Auldton Stoves – Dust Control

Capturing dust at the source is our aim, to keep disturbance to a minimum when installing your appliance. At Auldton Stoves we want to take every measure possible in order to provide a clean, efficient and fast Install that customers are delighted with.

Whatever the material, dust or fumes we have our new industrial mobile dust extractors and air cleaners. Our equipment has Hepa H13 filtration and is built to Application Class H for hazardous dusts.  With cyclone based separation they are fitted with pleated cartridge filters to provide high and consistent performance in the most energy efficient way.

Auldton Stoves- DC AirCube 2000 minimizes airborne dust that is hazardous to your health. It is a robust efficient air cleaner with ECO-fans and a capacity of 1800m3/h which makes it the most powerful single phase air cleaner on the market.
It has a 0,7m2 pre-filter and a HEPA H13 microfilter of 10m2 cleaning the air from hazardous particles very effectively (down to 0,3 micrometer).

Auldton Stoves really do go the extra mile to make sure you are delighted with your stove and Install. The DC AirCube 2000 is used on selected sites that require more building work than normal.

If you have any questions regarding our dust control methods please get in contact. Click Here 

Youtube Video- Pureavent – Aircube 1200 mobile dust extractor.


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