Alderline Charcoal 50L

Auldton Stoves are excited to announce that we are now stocking Alderline Charcoal. After looking at many options on the market we have chosen to stock Alderline Charcoal for its quality, sustainability and value for money.


Alderline charcoal is coming from European forests and is a sustainably-produced product. White Alder Trees are used to create the Alderline Charcoal and this has all been carefully farmed, so using Alderline won’t contribute to deforestation. It has been made and graded with care resulting in the bags being made up of almost entirely big sized chunks meaning very little dust is formed at the bottom of each bag. The high purity allows the charcoal to burn with very little ash and smoke perfect for ceramic grills like the Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg. It is just as well suited on any other charcoal BBQ.

This charcoal is sold NOT by weight but by volume in 50L bags, this is because of how pure the Charcoal is (The purer the Charcoal the less dense and heavy it becomes). The weight of each 50L bag on average is around 7.5kg however the quantity is the equivalent to most competitors 12-15kg bags. It is sold by volume as if we said it was a 7.5kg bag, you’d think you were getting half the Charcoal.


Auldton Stoves is delighted to offer our customers this charcoal as a fantastic option this summer!

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