5 reasons why you need a log store.

With temperature dropping below freezing and the nights getting dark it’s the perfect time to load some firewood to your wood burning stove and curl up on the sofa. Spending luxury time cosy and warm next to the fire is somthing we often take for granted, but it can turn into a nightmare if your firewood is not ready to burn.

We’ve already gone over how to light your stove in the cold weather and how to get your stove ready for winter with our previous blogs, however this can still be an issue if your firewood is not prepered and ready. At Auldton Stoves we have the perfect solution to make sure you never have to worry about your firewood! To make sure that you have the perfect logs for the perfect night in, all you need to do is purchase a log store

5 Reasons that a log store should be on your shopping list:


1. Easy to assemble
It’s important that our log stores are easy to assemble, we dont want you spending your weekend building a log store, so we’re offering you a solution which only takes 10 minutes to put together! The log stores are delivered flat packed with 4 pre-assembled sections, which means they can be built very quickly. We also include assembly instructions and a free assembly service inside our delivery area.

2. Durable in all weathers
A log store should withstand all weather conditions from sun to frost. This is why our log stores have been made using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved timber and strong stainless steel. Both these materials have been made to last, while the timber also promotes responsible, good practice forestry.

3. Looks great in your garden
Log stores are very practical, but thats not all they need to be. Our log stores have been designed to look great as an addition to your outdoor space. We love the Scandinavian look of stacked logs. This with our lovely log stores creates a nice feature on whatever wall it stands against.

4. Maintains logs all year round
The key reason for purchasing a log store is, as the name suggests, to store your logs. If your firewood becomes damp, it will cause damage to your wood burning stove and chimney liner, this can put you in danger of harmful gases and increase the risk of having a chimney fire. So it is essential that your logs stay dry below 20% moisture. Our log stores are designed to protect your fuel from the elements. They keep the rain off but allow the wind to circulate around the logs in order to dry them out. We do offer the extra protection of a rain sheild to further protect your wood if needed.

5. Available in a variety of sizes
At Auldton Stoves, we understand that everyone has different requirements for their firewood, everybody uses a different amount of logs throught the year, wheather its a night time cosy stove or a house warming work horse our log stores come in a variety of sizes. Our standard 130 Log Store can hold approximately 2/3 cubic metre of 14” logs, while the larger 300 Log Store holds approximately 4 cubic metres of 14” logs. This means that their is a log store to suit everybody’s garden space.

Log Stores Dimentions

If you are looking for something a bit different Auldton Stoves has recently got our new ‘Wood Storage Bruges’. This is a wood storage system Designed by the Belgian Designer Jan Kuppers. When Designing this structure simple and easy assembly was at the focus, while trying to keep the typical Belgian façade construction. The Basic package consists of 11 metal Corten Steel plates allowing the structure to be transported flat packed. The parts are very easy to assemble with the roof getting put together with only a few bolts, the house shape structure is stable and strong with the use of sliding the connecting pieces together. This is a garden centre focal point and really gets people talking.


If you are interested in one of Auldton Stoves bespoke Log Stores then please Contact Our Team for more information, we are happy to help.



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