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The Fireview multifuel range is designed to meet all your heating needs, with outputs ranging from 4kW up to 20kW to heat any size of room and if required, boiler options between 8,000 Btu’s and 70,000 Btu’s to water. Woodwarm Fireview stoves epitomise the design detail of an efficient air washed clean burning stove. Incorporating overnight burning, they are easy to light and use.

The Fireview 6kW
The Fireview 6kW with its range of canopy options is a very popular stove in the Fireview range. Available with a profiled flat top, rolled flat top, low canopy or high canopy. The Fireview 6kW has an amazing all fire view of the complete firebox. A distinguished stove for any style of fireplace (shown here with low curved canopy).

The Fireview 9kW
The original Fireview stove (shown here with flat top). The 9kW has a larger firebox and still retains the unique Woodwarm cleanburn air wash system. As on all the Fireview stoves the fully riddling grate allows easy ash removal from the ash box area. This stove is also available with straight sides if required.

The Fireview 12kW
The elegantly proportioned Fireview 12kW has a larger firebox still, capable of taking 19” logs. The flexibility of our boiler options can give you anything between 8,000 Btu’s to 50,000 Btu’s to your central heating system with this stove (shown here with high canopy and optional brass fittings).

The Fireview 12kW PLUS
With exactly the same proportions as the multifuel Fireview 12kW, but fitted with a larger door the 12kW PLUS offers you a full view of the firebox.
All canopy and boiler options available as the Fireview 12kW. Please note a 177mm flue is required for this stove.

The Fireview 16kW
The Fireview 16kW with its larger castings is a grand stove enabling you to burn logs up to 588mm long. It is available as either a flat top or low curved canopy.

The Fireview 20kW
The largest stove in our Fireview range, it provides a huge firebox, taking a 635mm log. It offers the same canopy options as the 16kW and is able to produce up to 70,000 Btu’s of heat to water with the full boiler options.

The Fireview 6kW Double Single Depth
One of the most popular in our range of double sided stoves, a focal point and a fantastic feature to any combination of rooms. The 6kW gives you a full view of the fire from both sides (shown here with 100mm legs).

The Fireview 9kW Double Depth
This larger version of the stove is the equivalent of two 9kW stoves back to back, the increased depth giving 14kW output (shown here with profiled flat top and straight sides).

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