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Stanford Evolution

The Stanford wood burning stove range has an unprecedented history. First conceived in the early 1980`s it progression to today’s high efficiency, clean burning, user friendly appliance is the result of over 150 years of combined stove experience.

The Stanford wood burning stove has at its heart an accurate air distribution and control system; the plexus control. This offers the user simple and precise fire regulation for lighting, heating and overnight burning, clean glass and the ability for use in smokeless zones.

Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

The Stanford wood stove range is the best looking around, but when you are deciding on a stove, looks are by no means everything. Beauty after all, is skin deep and it is the stove’s efficiency that will keep you warm and reduce your fuel bills.

That is why it is so important that you examine carefully the performance behind the stove.

The Stanford wood stove might look traditional but under the reassuring cast iron exterior is a piece of pure contemporary engineering.

The use of cast iron for the external design and internal combustion chamber is known as the perfect stove material. However, to obtain air tight combustion the layer between the internal and external cast iron is constructed of a high quality steel envelope.

Plexus Control

A single lever air flow selector provides the correct air flow direction for different fuels. Air volume is controlled by rotaing cams, giving precise control of the stoves burning rate. A minium burning rate shutter can be adjusted to suit the performace of the flue and ensures safe burning at all times.

ZR Air Distribution

The ZR air delivery system delivers its pre-heated air throughout the combustion chamber as a gentle breeze rather than a curtain of air. This means the volatile components of the fuel are burned as a priority, before any unused air is available to cause the fire to generate more volatile components; this ensures clean, complete, combustion.

Double Glazed Door

The double glazed door adds extra security, together with increased resistance to tar deposits. When a mistake is made whilst using the stove and the glass becomes dirty, just increase the fire’s temperature then the glass burns clean.

Approvals and Certifications

The Stanford wood stove range conforms and excels to new UK and European testing standards CE13240. Part of this standard tests and reports the efficiency of the stove; the Stanford range is among the highest results ever recorded.

Approved for Use in Smokeless Zones

Around 80% of the UK population live in what are referred to as smoke exempt areas. This means only stoves which have passed the very strict smoke control testing can burn wood in these areas. The Stanford range has not only passed the requirements but has set new standards by achiving some of the cleanest combustion ever recorded for a stove. That is not all, the Stanford 13 is in the only stove range tested for overnight burning as a continous combusting appliance whilst burning wood.

Hetas Approved

All Stanford wood burning stoves are approved by Hetas which is the official body recognised by the government to approve solid fuel domestic heating appliances, fuels and services.

The Stanford Family

The range starts with the small Stanford 13 (S13) which suits smaller cosy rooms. Slighty larger the Stanford 23 (S23), for modern living areas. The Stanford 33 (S33) is suitable for larger spaces or open plan areas. Whilst the Stanford 43 (S43), is bigger and wider than the rest, for heating large room volumes.

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