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The Morsø S Series have a stylish and minimalist design, and are part of Morsø’s new range of steel stoves with a focus on modern expression. The front of the stove is dominated by the beautiful, large glass door, which ensures maximum enjoyment of the fire and also gives the stove a youthful and exclusive exterior.


The S 10 uses the latest combustion technology and therefore complies with all regulations and standards, including of course the Swan eco-label. The stove can be stoked with kindling 33 cm in length, but, thanks to its elegant and well-designed lines, does not take up more space than necessary. The stove door is easy to operate with its well-designed handle, which remains cool during stoking, and the lovely view of the flames is easy to adjust using a simple handle. Rated output 5 kw


This model also has a solid-cast, curved glass front, while the large sandstone surfaces are a new feature that not only gives an exciting look but also means that the stove can store the heat longer. S 10-45 is a convection stove that takes pieces of firewood of up to 33 cm and can heat areas of up to 105 m2. Rated output 3-7 kw


Following the great success of the S10 we are proud to introduce our first wall hanging stove of the S-series the Morsø S10-70. A highly attractive contemporary stove with a large viewing area it offers a stunning visual feature for any living room whilst providing a rated output of 5kw. The new S10-70 is our most exciting model to date and shows the future of stoves to be both functional and attractive. Rated output 5 kw


The Morsø S 50 is presented as an elegant and well-proportioned piece of furniture to dress any home. The slanting door gives the stove character and also accentuates the beautiful and generously-designed glass front. The Morsø S 50 is part of the new range of steel stoves, which aim to give a modern and unique expression. The stove’s refined combustion technology assures the user of environmentally-correct heating, and the S 50 also bears the Swan eco-label and complies with all international standards for wood-burning stoves. The stove’s ergonomically-designed door handle remains cool during stoking and also ensures robust and precise 3-point closing of the door. The combustion air can be supplied to the stove from the bottom and from the rear, so the S 50 can be installed in the home in the best way to achieve a perfect view of the flames. Rated output 8 kw


The new Model S50-45 is a continuation of the elegant, full-fledged S 50 steel stove. With its large glass surface, the beautiful, inclined stove door sports an exciting contrast to the decorative surfaces of heat-accumulating sandstone. With its spacious combustion chamber, which takes wood pieces of up to 35 cm, this convection stove has an impressive performance and easily provides heating for areas of up 75-135 m2. Rated output 3-9 kw


The elegant, simple design of Model S11-43 really shines. Covering the entire front with its large, softly curved glass area, the stove door is a perfect mode of expression and provides a beautiful view of the warming flames. S 11-43 is a 77 cm tall convection stove. With its slim design, it integrates easily without dominating into the furniture arrangement of your home. Rated output 2-5 kw


S 11-90 is characterized by its sharp, distinct edges and the soft curves of the large glass doors of the stove. This creates exciting contrasts in the design expression. At the same time, the new S 11-90 is definitely top class from a functional point of view. Primary and secondary combustion air are easily regulated with a simple handle located in the cool space underneath the stove. Providing heating for areas of up to 75 m2, this convection stove has exceptionally low emission values and a high heating efficacy. Of course, this environmentally friendly stove carries the Swan Ecolabel, and with only 4 kW, it is ideal for low-energy homes. S 11-90 is 88 cm tall, and the spacious base with a door is ideal for storing the stove accessories. Rated output 2-5 kw


It’s built in and it’s big; The S80-90 resembles a flat screen T.V. The design of the S80 is a new type of insert which distributes the heat evenly and effectively through the room. With its size and shape together with an attractive black glass door the Morso S80 is without doubt one of the most attractive inserts on the market. The door hinges are discretely hidden within the design of the door and the large glass front gives a attractive view of the flames. The S80 stands out as a modern functional piece of art which will be the visual highlight of any room. Rated output 7 kw

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