News Autopilot IHS App from HWAM

Autopilot IHS App from HWAM

Get the most out of your wood-burning stove – almost without lifting a finger. The Autopilot controls when it’s time to fill up with firewood to ensure the set temperature.

All you have to do is sit back and relish the flames – and the stove will remind you when to fill up with firewood.

World news – Autopilot IHS™

With the DI award winning Autopilot IHS™, you can just sit back and relish your wood-burning stove…

How warm would you have it?
Now, you don’t have to endure adjusting your wood-burning stove constantly to achieve a comfortable temperature in your living room. Simply set up the desired room temperature using the app on your mobile phone or tablet, sit back and relish the flames.

All you have to do is to fill up with firewood, when the Autopilot says it’s time.

The advantages are numerous
• Slashes firewood consumption by up to 50 %
• Generates savings: From approx. 85 to 400 Euro per year* (All calculations are based on a comparison with a corresponding HWAM wood-burning stove without an Autopilot.)
• Guarantees the best and most eco-friendly combustion
• Automatic eco-friendly night reduction feature which reduces the intensity of the fire and extends the heat in the form of embers during the night
• Even longer burning time
• Easy to stoke and fire up
• Beeps when you need to fill up with firewood
• Generates an even temperature in the room
• Option for logging combustion data
• Continuous updates to ensure that all functions and thus your wood-burning stove as a whole get better and better with time

It hardly gets any easier – or more eco-friendly.

To get the most out of your app, we recommend that you have a wood-burning stove with our new Autopilot IHS™

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