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1400 Series

Thinking of the environment and wanting to live up to the world’s most stringent environmental requirements, Morsø has improved significantly the combustion system of its widely known radiant fireplace, a true Morsø classic. The furnace is fitted with an extra self-regulating chamber that supplies extra air at the top of the stove or fire via a number of ducts. This extra combustion ensures the burning of harmful particles and any excess gases that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.

Morso 1410

The Morsø 1410 is a small universal cast-iron stove that can be used with different types of fuel: wood, briquettes, and smokeless fuel. The stove is a powerful heat source that fires up quickly and will heat up to 75 sq. m of living space. Rated output 4.5 kw

Morso 1412

The Morsø 1412 fires up quickly and effectively, and the side panels are still decorated with Morsø’s classic squirrel motif. Rated output 5 kw

Morso 1442

Morsø 1442 also uses a unique combustion system, and conforms to the world’s most stringent environmental requirements. It uses the latest stove heating technology including the integrated convection system. The classic Morsø 1442 is available with a squirrel motif or with ribbed sides. Rated output 5 kw

Morso 1416

The popular classic the Squirrel stove has been given new life with the introduction of new contemporary models. The 1416 is a radiant stove with a rated output of 4kw and a net efficiency of 78.4%. The 1416 model is a modern twist on a timeless classic and is well suited for heating areas of up to 75 m2. The Morsø 1416 carries the Swan Ecolabel and meets the most stringent emission requirements. Rated output 4 kw

Morso 1418

Following our designers successful redesign of the 1412 we have added another midsized stove to our range; the Morsø 1418, a radiant stove with an elegant contemporary black glass front that emphasizes its modern look. With a 4kw rated output and a net efficiency of 78.4% the stove is perfect for heating areas of up to 75m2. Rated output 4 kw

Morso 1446

The Morsø 1446 is a convection stove that distinctly expresses the new design of the 1400 series. The convection principles are efficiently met whilst maintaining the contemporary appearance of a modern stove. Its 4kw rated output and net efficiency of 78.4% makes its perfect for a modern setting. Rated output 4 kw

Morso 1448

With clean stylish lines and a modern feel the compact shape of the 1400 series is maintained in the new models. With its elegant contemporary black glass front the 1448 underlines the new design and shape. Rated output 4 kw

Morso 1452

Morsø 1452 is a radiant stove fitted with sides and top made of soapstone that retains heat for a long time. Morsø 1452 is also equipped with the latest combustion technique and meets the most stringent environmental requirements in the world. Rated output 5 kw

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