Kiln dried logs – Glasgow, Ayrshire, Renfrewshire, Inverclyde

Looking for Kiln dried logs? Auldton Stoves Kiln dried logs could be just the solution… Our Kiln dried logs are excellent value while being eco-friendly.

Based in Ayrshire, Auldton Stoves are the premier supplier of quality Kiln dried logs  and wood burning stoves throughout Scotland including Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Kiln dried logs

Kiln dried logs

We specialise in Kiln dried logs, carbon neutral and eco-fuels for wood burning stoves and open fires. We are constantly looking at the fuels such as Kiln dried logs and other products in our range to offer customers an unrivaled choice.

There are a number of benefits to using Kiln dried logs in your wood burning stoves and open fires:

  • All Kiln dried logs are ready to burn
  • Kiln dried logs are a slow wood burning fuel
  • Kiln dried logs give the ultimate clean burn with maximum heat output
  • Kiln dried logs offer value for money
  • Kiln dried logs have a very low moisture content compared to other woods

We offer delivery on bulk orders of Kiln dried logs within 20 miles of Auldton Stoves and have Kiln dried logs in many sizes to suit your needs:

  • 10kg bags of kiln dried logs in beech or ash
  • 50 x bags Megatherm kiln dried logs in beech
  • 50 x Packs Megatherm beech briquettes
  • 50 x mixed of delivery of kiln dried logs and briquettes
  • 1.0 cube crate kiln dried logs in beech
  • 2.0 cube crate kiln dried logs in beech
  • 3.0 cube crate kiln dried logs in beech
  • 1.17 cube crate kiln dried logs in ash
  • 2.34 cube crate kiln dried logs in ash
  • 3.51 cube crate kiln dried logs in ash

Kiln dried logs are the best firewood for wood burning stoves, multi fuel burners and open fires. Kiln dried logs ignite easily and burn efficiently.

Burning kiln dried logs actually keeps your wood burning stove glass clean and prevents soot clogging up your chimney, and with so much heat output from your kiln dried logs you will use less kiln dried logs, than if you were to use seasoned logs.

Kiln dried logs also provide you with a consistent product that you can rely on every time, unlike ‘seasoned logs’ which can be inconsistent in terms of their moisture content. Not only are kiln dried logs consistently reliable versus other logs, kiln dried logs are also recommended by manufacturers to fit in 99% of wood burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves.

Our kiln dried logs will not let you down when put to the test. Cost against value is a high priority for all, and at Auldton Stoves we offer a high value to cost solution on our kiln dried logs. Visit our newly refurbished showroom and warehouse to pick up your Kiln dried logs and view our latest range of wood burning stoves to keep you warm through the cold days and nights.

In addition to Kiln dried logs and wood burning stoves we also install wood burning stoves.

So if you are looking for kiln dried logs for your wood burning stove or open fire then Auldton Stoves kiln dried logs are for you. Our personal, reliable and expert service combined with a wide variety of wood burning stoves, kiln dried logs and don’t forget our expertise in installing a wood burning stove will bring light and warmth to your home at any time of year.

See our wide range of Kiln dried logs or call us for more details on 01560 480002

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